Benefits Of Using VoIP For Small Business

We all know that telecommunication is the driving force of any business. With so many ways to get in touch with people, technology has made the communication process easier than ever before!

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) telephone systems have been around for years now, and there’s no shortage of claims that these internet telephones can reduce business expenses compared to traditional phone lines.

In today’s Internet-driven society, VoIP phone systems are the best choice for any business with a concern about efficient and cost-effective solutions to improve their communication needs. Basically, a virtual telephone line using your internet connection.

These services seem like they can answer many if not all of your company’s primary telecommunication requirements.

Advantages of VoIP for your Business

Businesses today know that efficiency is the key to success. Switching to a VoIP system can help you maximize productivity by decreasing cost and time investments with these five benefits:

Remote working 

Modern VoIP systems allow you to go anywhere and still be present for your customers. This makes it so that all concurrent calls can stay on one system with seamless switching between locations without losing any service or disrupting communications across multiple devices, increasing employee productivity and improving customer experience.

VoIP technology offers the advantage of being more driven by software than hardware. This means you can run a virtual office on your smartphone, so long as you’ve installed a VoIP application for your mobile phone. You’ll be able to have conversations with teams or partners wherever they are via voice or video call – all that’s needed is internet access and good reception!

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Flexible messaging options

Business VoIP phone services are the perfect solution for people who want to be productive while on a call. With an effective communication system: you can multi-task with your favorite gadgets and still make as many calls as you need in a given day, without having to break away from an important conversation or spend time waiting on hold. Whether you’re forwarding messages and voicemails or just reading them instantly over email, VoIP is hands down one of the most efficient ways to conduct business these days!

Call flow

VoIP features are designed and intended to be a cost-effective communication process. The benefit of VoIP can be seen in the way the VoIP network handles call flow.

  • The convergence of data networks and phone lines have made conference calls and video conferencing more affordable, easy to do, and seamless. Traditional phone systems require dedicated phone lines for each call that is being conferenced in, which can be costly as well as inconvenient if you’re hosting multiple calls at once. Convergence eliminates this need by having the features already built into your VoIP service with no additional cost associated with it- while always keeping an eye on costs, so they don’t become prohibitively high!
  • Call routing: Never let an important call go unanswered! You never know when you might miss a customer. Route your calls to mobile phones or other designated devices so that customers can reach you wherever they are and have their concerns addressed immediately.
  • Notifications: Be prompt to act on important calls. This feature sends an email notification as soon as a specific call gets in and notifies relevant employees such as the account manager for high-value customers.
  • Call parking is a great feature for any business that has employees who are often on the phone. It allows them to take their call uninterrupted even if they switch lines, and it also means you can make or receive priority calls before your “parked” line gets taken up by another caller!
  • With a phone call presence feature, you can now see who’s busy on the line and who is free to take your next urgent phone call. This helps keep customers from getting frustrated with having their calls dropped due to an already occupied person.
  • One of the most crucial features for a business is called queueing. This feature allows businesses to automate how they distribute inbound calls, organize staff and teams into strategic tiers so that incoming phones will be handled efficiently. Call Queueing not only reduces wait times but also enables front-facing employees such as customer service representatives or sales reps to take more phone calls from customers, which means higher profitability rates!
  • VoIP phone systems can make it easy to record phone calls. Once you have full visibility into your VoIP conversations, customer service and company performance will improve tremendously! Record your company’s phone calls for these reasons:
  • To set quality standards
  • Understand staff coaching opportunities
  • Improve retention of customers

Virtual receptionist

  • VoIP is the way to go when you want your customers to have excellent service 24 hours a day. For example, if there’s no one in the office during off-hours like on holidays or weekends, VoIP allows for automated customer services responses and announcements with prerecorded messages that can be set up by staff ahead of time.
  • Advanced call management helps you prioritize, hold, route or block incoming calls in the VoIP network. With this feature, your front desk operations are smoother, and customers get less frustrated when they can’t reach someone on the phone. Call quality improves as well!
  • With advanced call routing, your company can set up VoIP phone systems to automatically route incoming calls. You can specify that the phone rings at different numbers depending on who answers it, what they’ve asked for or how long they’ve been waiting in line.
  • Even if you have a great customer service team, sometimes the weirdest calls can be automatic and go straight to voicemail. You don’t want that; your reps need all their time spent on customers with legitimate needs! With this VoIP feature turned on, those pesky anonymous or blocked callers will never reach you in the first place
  • Let your auto-attendant do the hard work for you! With an automated attendant in the VoIP phone system, incoming calls are answered with courtesy, and callers get to speak to a live agent more quickly. You save on hiring costs by eliminating switchboard operators while keeping customer service agents sharp, thanks to less time spent managing inbound calls.

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Alternative communication and Business SMS

  • VoIP has come a long way since it was first conceived. These days, VoIP systems incorporate services such as instant messaging and video conference calls in addition to making phone calls. They’re great for families who want the convenience of staying connected with one another from anywhere they are without having to update their contacts list constantly or make multiple callers every time someone new joins the family!
  • Sending text messages is a great way to save money and stay in touch with your team. VoIP phone systems can help you do this, too! Most offer business-grade SMS texting capabilities that allow for unlimited messaging service – perfect if sending notifications or updating field teams are important parts of the job description. You might find it worth exploring one of these services today!

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the above list, businesses are finally recognizing that VoIP technology is powerful with serious competitive advantages. And there are more benefits of VoIP Features that a business VoIP provider can set up for your business. The best part? It’s free of drawbacks! The design of VoIP systems can be remotely upgraded and customized depending on what VoIP capabilities and additional service you need. Contact your nearest VoIP providers and ask about their VoIP business systems.


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