Hosted Business Phone Systems (2)
Hosted Business Phone Systems

What Is A Hosted Business Phone System?

Most phone lines run through your office. This is the traditional way of doing things and probably the system you have in place. However, that kind of technology is quickly becoming outdated and inefficient. If you’re looking for a more effective, future-proof communication service, then you may be better off with a hosted business phone system.

In this case, the phone line is hosted somewhere else: in the cloud. That means that there’s no physical hardware traipsing around your office. Without the same level of physical installation needed, setting up business phone systems is quick, easy, and affordable. This makes it perfect for smaller businesses in Perth, who are worried about costly upfront costs. You’ll access the phone service remotely via the internet.

Hosted business phone systems are, therefore, suitable for the modern world. When so much of our communication happens via the internet, why continue using physical phone wires? It’s now far more reliable and affordable to communicate with customers and team members using an internet connection that accesses a phone wire in the cloud. Telecommunications companies will soon stop using traditional methods, meaning that using hosted business phone systems is an effective way to future-proof your operations.

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Hosted Business Phone Systems

How Do Business Phone Systems Work?

Business phone systems need to be reliable in order to build a trusted brand reputation. As a result, it’s often important to switch to newer technologies. Many business phone systems operate using the LAN network and office IP address that you use to access the internet normally. If you understand how you’re normal, internet-based business operations work, then you get the gist of how business phone systems work.

When you make a call, you are directed to a secure connection. From here, the receiver will be able to pick up the phone and communicate with you. It all operates smoothly, like any other phone call. The difference is that the information is being transmitted wirelessly, through the internet and the cloud. You’ll be given a dedicated handset with a range of features to help you make these phone calls. This new technology is quick to set up but could provide you with improved communication for many years to come.

Hosted telephone systems require a private connection that helps to keep your data safe when it’s being sent through the cloud. Choose a company like MyFoneTel that knows how to install the most secure connection to help keep the information about your business and your customers private.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Hosted Business Phone Systems

In this section, We answer all your burning questions about hostedbusiness phone system and how it can help your business.

What Is The Difference Between Ip And Hosted Business Phone Systems?

When choosing your business phone system, you have a couple of options. One good one is using IP phone systems, also called Voice Over IP (VOIP) systems. Many businesses who use this don’t realize that it’s different from a hosted business phone system since the two operate in a very similar way. However, there are some technical differences that could affect your business’s chance of success.

The biggest difference is the IP phone systems are automated. This means that it directs the call from a virtual PBX to your office phone system. A hosted business phone system, on the other hand, uses a PBX that exists in the cloud. This means that it can operate as a full and professional phone system. Rather than just redirecting the phone call using automation, the entire phone line is actually made virtual. For many businesses, this offers increased functionality and the chance to become a bigger, more established organization.

Both IP and hosted business phone systems require a speedy internet connection to ensure a crisp and clear quality when it comes to the phone call itself. You should also use a company like MyFoneTel who offer a 24/7 failover. This means that you can always be online even if there’s a massive malfunction in the hardware.


Are Ip Business Phone Systems Nbn Compatible?

There are so many factors that come into play when determining the price of business phone systems. This depends on which phone system you opt for, which provider you use, how fast your internet connection is, and how much data you require. Determining the right phone service plan is your decision and one that can determine the success of your company.

Choosing a hosted business phone plan from MyFoneTel can be the most affordable and valuable option. Because everything happens over the cloud, you’re not paying for physical hardware and its installation. This immediately means you’re getting great value for money. This is the best option for small businesses in Perth looking to minimize upfront costs and maximize profits. For the handset, you can expect to pay $200 for the cheapest model or $1000 for the most expensive. You’ll have to pay this for each handset your business requires, plus the monthly running costs.

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IP Business Phone System

Why Choose My Fonetel?

Unlike other companies, My FoneTel is based right here in Perth, Australia. That means that we understand the needs of local customers and are therefore better placed to help you when a problem occurs. We’re experts in business communications and are always ready to help you with any problems in this area. We’re in your timezone, we speak your language, and we understand your needs. Choose My Fonetel for a tailored local service that operates with accuracy and efficiency.

Does an hosted business phone system sound right for you? For many Perth-based companies, it can change everything. With lower running costs and more effective operations, this could be the difference between success and failure. Get in touch with My Fonetel to get your new business phone system up and running. We’ll also be able to provide a business failover to ensure the safety of your data, allowing you to continue running your company even when the internet goes down


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