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What Equipment is Needed to Run An On-Premise Phone System?

Like hosted phone solutions, on-premise phone systems must now be IP enabled to ensure they are 100% NBN-ready. On-premise phone systems are made up of two main components.

  • The system’s brains are generally the box that physically lives in your office and connects to all of your phones.
  • And the desk phones or handsets.

On-Premise Phone System Management.

Because the box containing all the brains of your system lives on-site at your office, the maintenance and upkeep of your system are up to you. In most cases, changes to your programming can be made remotely by a phone technician. However, others might likely require a skilled IT person or phone technician to be on-site to change settings on the hardware itself.

Why Choose My FoneTel for
On-Premise Phone System?

Secure network
We take security very seriously. We employ the most advanced security protocols to ensure your communication and information remains private and secure.
Solutions that scale with your team
We tailor our on-premise business phone systems to meet your business needs.
Local support team.
We are local, and we share the same time zone. We can provide you with support in real-time since we have the same business hours.
Reliable connection
The reliability of our connection is one of our strongest assets. If we encounter critical service disruptions by chance, we will be able to resolve the problem before you are even aware of it.
Over 50 years of experience in the telco industry.
With the industry’s development and growth, we have grown and developed along with it.

How To Choose The Right In Premise Phone System For Your Business?

So you’ve decided you want an on-premise business phone system, but how do you choose the right one?


In-premise business phone systems make life easier, so don’t choose one that increases stress. The more efficient it is, the more cost-effective it is. Make sure that all staff members are quick to catch on so that you can minimise the amount of training required.


Choose a local network provider to ensure the strongest signal and the best customer support. My Fonetel is based in Perth, so it’s perfect if your business is also based there. A local company will always be on hand to understand your problems and provide you with swift and effective solutions.

Growth Potential

A single phone line can be enough for a small team of people, but for a vast company, you’ll need to consider multiple systems. Make sure your business phone system has the bandwidth to support future growth in your company’s customer base, and your staff needs to have access to new technology.


You want a system that operates efficiently, without problems, and is future-proof. Read reviews to get an idea of which systems work well and which have outdated or frustrating technology. This is worth investing in to get the biggest return on your home‘s IT investment.


Choose the right phone system for your business. Different systems offer different features, including voicemail, conference calling, and call forwarding.

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