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What's The Difference Between Nbn Business Fibre And A Standard Nbn Plan?

Standard NBN is the internet network accessible to all Australians. Sometimes it’s fast and reliable, but at other times, it can become slow or even drop out completely. NBN business fibre, on the other hand, is almost always working quickly. You pay a bit more to gain access to an internet connection with less traffic and more bandwidth. This means that the chances of your operations slowing down are lowered.

If you’re a growing company or have a significant number of users, then NBN business fibre might be for you. Your brand image depends on how reliable customers perceive you to be and, if you require internet to operate, then you can’t afford to experience technical problems. A standard NBN plan might be fine when you’re starting but consider NBN fibre plans when you’re ready to grow. This will pay for itself in increased efficiency of operations.

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Business NBN FIbre

How Do I Connect To Nbn Business Fibre?

To connect to NBN business fibre, you first need to browse NBN fibre plans. Signing up for the one that best fits the goals of your business is the first step. MyFoneTel offers a range of options, each with different features and at different price points. Do some research to discover which network will give you the greatest return on investment. Get in touch with our experts if you need any more information or explanations.

Once you’ve bought a plan, a utility box will be installed in your office. You don’t have to do this yourself. We’ll send out a trained technician to install the hardware and make sure everything is working correctly. In no time at all, your NBN fibre will be up and running. You’ll be able to discuss any technology-related questions you may have during the installation phase. In general, though, this requires little work from you. We’ll get you connected and then make sure to solve any problems you may have in the future. NBN business fibre is extremely reliable, though, so you shouldn’t require too much tech support.


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Frequently Asked Questions About NBN Business Fibre Connection

In this section, We answer all your burning questions about NBN business fibre and how it can help your business.

Which Nbn Technology Is The Fastest?

There are many different NBN technologies with each one experiencing different levels of speed depending on the connection and area in which you operate. However, some are undoubtedly faster than others. For the absolute fastest and most reliable experience, you should opt for fibre to the premises, also known as FTTP. This offers speeds of up to 90Mbps, which no other technology can beat.

FTTP, as the name implies, takes the fibre optic cable directly to your office. This means that you have the closest access to the connection and can expect to operate at 90% of maximum speed, even during peak hours. Other NBN technologies include fibre to the curb (FTTC), fibre to the building (FTTB), and fibre to the node (FTTN). These can also offer incredible speeds but they typically run slightly slower than FTTP. It’s up to you to pick the NBN technology that’s right for you, depending on how many users your business works with.

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Why Choose My Fonetel?

MyFoneTel offers NBN business fibre Perth to local companies. Because we’re locally-based, we’re always on hand to provide you with ongoing support. Not only will we install the NBN business fibre plan to get you up and running as quickly as possible but we’ll be there to fix any problems you may have.

How many times have you called up tech support, only to discover you’re talking to someone on the other side of the world? They aren’t able to send someone out to you immediately and often don’t understand your needs. Instead, choose someone local like MyFoneTel. By being local, we’re not some faceless corporation. We’re a friendly and reliable service that understands the local network and how to quickly solve problems as they arise.

MyFoneTel specialises in working with small and medium-sized businesses. Our experts are able to offer advice on which communication system is right for your company. By staying small and local, we’re able to help the local economy of Perth thrive, creating plenty of jobs for the community. If you’re ready to use NBN technology, get in touch today.


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