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NEC Phone Systems

NEC Phone Systems in Perth

Being able to communicate effectively is critical in today’s corporate world. Given the fact that employees are working remotely or rushing between meetings and conference rooms, the modern desk phone must connect them with the business and its customers without causing any downtime or having to dial a call back number. With a selection of desk phones from NEC that mixes current technology with ergonomic lines, you can communicate instantly with anyone in the office.

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Why Choose NEC

Why Choose NEC for Your Perth Business

Displays that are backlit, navigation cursors, and high-quality audio are all features that NEC desk phones incorporate into their designs to bring an element of flair to business communications. Due to their numerous adjustable features, these telephones are adaptable, simple to use and provide you with asset protection for your money spent on them.

Whether your corporate communications are entirely IP-based or involve a combination of IP and digital technologies, NEC has a product line that may meet your requirements. Because all of the models share the same user interfaces and functionality, a variety of models can be implemented without the need for further user training.

NEC desk phones are versatile, simple to use, and made to handle the demands of the modern workplace. They will provide your company with a competitive advantage.

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Average Cost

Average Cost of NEC Phone System

In today’s business world, it appears that everyone is on the lookout for ways to reduce costs while simultaneously raising their bottom line. With the current climate of economic instability and individuals holding on to their money more closely than they have in the past, business owners worldwide are seeking ways to reduce expenses while having the least possible impact on productivity and profits. Switching phone systems to one with a wide range of services and a robust, feature-rich solution is one method of accomplishing this goal.

3-5 Handset NEC Phone System

2,500 - 3,500
  • Includes 3-5 handsets
  • All standard NEC features
  • Installation
  • 24 - 36 month agreement

5-15 Handset NEC Phone System

3,500 - 8,000
  • Includes 3-5 handsets
  • All standard NEC features
  • Installation
  • 24 - 36 month agreement

20+ Handset NEC Phone System

  • Includes 3-5 handsets
  • All standard NEC features
  • Installation
  • 24 - 36 month agreement
NEC Phone Systems

Main Advantages Of NEC Business Phones

In addition to being an IP and digital business phone system, the NEC UNIVERGE line of products also includes a regular desktop phone that has some outstanding capabilities. They are intended to be easily customized in order to satisfy the specific communication needs of each user.

Users of IP business phone systems can connect to any IP terminal situated anywhere on the company’s network with the use of a web browser. Their profile and quality of service settings are immediately available to them after logging in to the system. There is no obligation to re-configure the system or to pay for re-cabling, which can be extremely expensive. Even better, there is no loss of productivity while the employee is waiting for their phone to be incorporated into the system.

These newly redesigned NEC business phone systems are excellent for small and medium-sized enterprises with a large number of remote workers; who wish to maintain their existing ISDN, PSTN, or PRI phone lines but require IP networking between locations; and who wish to have the flexibility to transition to IP when they are ready.


The UNIVERGE Desktop Digital Terminals from NEC provide employees with all the tools they need to provide exceptional customer service. This generation of intelligent business phones connects individuals to the information, applications, and tools they need to achieve peak performance and maximize profits.

User-friendly and ergonomically engineered, the DTL Series business phones are available in a variety of variants to suit every business need.

The range begins with two programmable keys and basic features and progresses to a full suite of conveniences, which includes: 60 programmable Direct Station Selection (DSS) keys; support for ITL or DTL modular terminals; Busy Lamp Field (BLF) and one-button access to extensions, trunks, and system features; and a variety of other features.


When it comes to standard corporate phone systems, the UNIVERGE Desktop IP Terminals from NEC provide all of the features and functionality you would expect, plus the integration of IP applications. End-user control over voice and data means that they are no longer constrained to a network or a single PC.

These IP terminals, like the DTL Series, connect individuals to the information, applications, and tools that they need to improve their performance and increase their revenues.

User-friendly and ergonomically engineered, the IP Series business phones are available in a variety of models to meet the needs of every organization. This series contains soft key functions that are controlled through a menu and function keys that are easy to access. This results in greater versatility and programmability, which may be controlled by the user.

This series increases the speed, productivity, and overall performance of your computer.

One-button access to extensions, trunks, and system features are among the most advanced features, which include: 60 programmable Direct Station Selection (DSS) keys; support for ITL or DTL modular terminals; Busy Lamp Field (BLF); and one-button access to system functions.

Feature-Rich Design

Features of NEC phone systems include:

  • HD voice quality.
  • SIP and ISDN connectivity
  • user-friendly web portal and dashboards.
  • staff indicators; e.g. on the phone, available
  • Call Recording
  • Automated and ad-hoc performance reports
  • Status of users
  • Call logging and queuing are two important features.
  • Call forwarding is an option.
  • Conference calls are used to discuss important issues.
  • Updates to the time on its own
  • Apps for mobile devices
  • Voicemail to email conversion
  • Using the name retrieval service
  • Call recording is available.
  • Priority alerts, auto attendants, and numerous other features

Expert Control

When your (PBX) connects using SIPs over a leased line, Quality of Service (QoS) is implemented to ensure that your voice traffic is not disrupted by any data traffic that is utilizing the same connection. It provides greater flexibility to use SIPS via a dedicated leased line, allowing your IT staff to plan for appropriate consumption and scale up as needed to avoid service interruptions.

Keeping your NEC phone systems in your office communications cabinet enables easy day-to-day maintenance by a skilled staff member, as well as immediate access to the equipment.

Most users like the flexibility to quickly add, remove, and edit users as needed, which is perhaps the most popular control feature. The importance of this grows exponentially when a company has a big period of expansion.

In premise business phone system
Why My FoneTel

Why Choose My Fonetel for NEC Phone System

When you’re working for a small business, it’s tempting to believe that your organization is being disregarded by larger vendors. Unfortunately, huge organizations frequently favour larger clients over smaller competitors, resulting in smaller firms being left in the dust. 

That is why we take great satisfaction in being a locally owned and operated alternative. In addition to dealing with small and medium-sized enterprises, My FoneTel also provides services to individuals. 

Our consultants can provide guidance on which communication services are most appropriate for your organization. By remaining small and local, we are able to contribute to the growth of the local economy in Perth, resulting in the creation of a large number of jobs for the local population.

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