Questions to Ask When Choosing a VoIP Provider

Before hopping into using any new technology in your company’s communication system, as it will play an integral part in its success or failure, do your homework and research first! The same applies when looking up what could potentially become another primary facet of communicating with clients –VoIP phones may seem like such an easy decision at first sight but not without doing research beforehand.

What is VoIP

(VoIP) Voice over internet protocol is a telephone services innovation that allows users to make phone calls over the internet. Unlike traditional analog landline phones, where audio travels through Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN), VoIP transmits through IP networks; as long as there’s an internet connection. Mobile and flexible: this technology can give you access to your business phone from anywhere.

VoIP is your new best friend! Now that you understand what it is, the next step will be identifying its benefits to figure out how it can help business. We should identify and prioritize all of our needs for communications in the company first.

After organizing your company’s communication needs, we then proceed to choose a reliable VoIP provider for your business.

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Why It’s Important to Choose the Right VoIP Service Provider for Your Business.

Now that we know our business communication needs, we could narrow down what type of business VoIP service provider we are looking for. The definition of VoIP providers, in the simplest terms, is that they are companies who provide phone services to their customers through Voice over IP technology. There are three types:

VoIP-only providers

Do you want to have just a phone and nothing else? VoIP-only service is the way for you. These services are perfect if all your needs from telephone usage can be met with voicemail, call forwarding, and caller ID features included.

VoIP with cloud phone system providers

VoIP with cloud phone system providers is not just about making and receiving calls over the internet. These VoIP-based systems have features like auto-attendant, answering rules, and virtual extensions for departments available through a hosted PBX!

VoIP as Part of Unified Communications Solution Providers

Utilizing VoIP and other tools, these companies provide a central hub for enterprises to use. Integrating different forms of communication like online meetings or messaging into one platform ensures that your business can communicate effectively with all areas in the organization.

We already understand our business communication needs, and we narrowed down which type of service provider we need. However, we still need to sift through all the potential VoIP providers.

Do some research on the potential providers’ reliability and security. VoIP providers can make your business communications needs a reality. Still, you have to do more than just consider the VoIP provider’s ability. You also need to determine how they keep their service reliable and secure. Without strong encryption for data transmission, information is susceptible to being intercepted or breached–especially when it goes through public networks like the internet! However, companies with top-tier security measures such as high-level encrypted call transmissions are an exception; so if you want your company to take advantage of this technology, talk to one of these companies about what they offer.

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Key Question to Ask when Choosing a VoIP Provider

What are the costs

The bottom line on your provider’s website doesn’t tell the whole story. Before you sign up:

  • Find out how much of a hit taxes and fees will take from that advertised price.
  • Keep in mind that VoIP equipment, VoIP phones, and additional features are not always free.
  • Ask the service provider regarding add ons, contract termination fee, ongoing costs, cancellation fees and service fees.

Are You Providing a Hosted Service or A Premise Phone?

One of the benefits of a managed service provider is taking care of all your network resources and responsibilities. If you choose a premise phone option, you would have to administer it yourself while also managing the voice network on site.

What Hardware Options Are Available?

There are a few key considerations for businesses and corporations when it comes to selecting the best plan. One of which is locking into certain models of VoIP phones that restrict your ability to customize cost, logistics, etcetera. However, there will be offerings out there with Bring Your Own Device policies (BYOD). If you have an existing phone system and fax machines, ask the VoIP phone providers if their business VoIP system support such devices.

Make sure your business-grade VoIP service has the hardware options you want. There are a few things to consider when choosing what kind of devices people need for their work. Remote workers and other employees alike need to be able to take calls on the go. A mobile VoIP solution gives you the freedom to not be stuck in a cube all day but also have access anywhere with internet services. Look for a VoIP provider that allows you to take calls on your mobile phones and other mobile devices.

What Kind of Customer Service Support Do You Have? What’s Your Technical Support Availability?

One of the most valuable assets that any business has is its customer base. When you have a system go down for some inexplicable reason, it’s vital to contact your provider asap so they can fix what needs fixing and get things back up & running again in no time at all.

When choosing between VoIP providers, always take note of their attention to customer support. When you start asking the providers themselves about their level of service and reading any online reviews they might have for all your research, it will be worth every minute spent doing so in the end!

Be sure to find out if you have to sign a contract when choosing VoIP providers. You should understand the contract commitments, too. These contracts are usually annual recurring and allow for 30 days’ notice before ending services with the provider. This helps ensure service quality, technical support for your devices using these types of programs, and uptime.

How Reliable Is the Service? What Happens when The Connection Goes Down?

The business VoIP phone service disruption rate is essential to take into consideration when choosing a provider. Make sure you ask your potential providers what their history of network alerts are. This will give insight into how often they experience degradation in VoIP call quality or lose connection with the server altogether. You should also ask them how you will be notified if there is a disruption and where you can find information on it.

Do You Support 000 – Emergency Calls or Other Service Features? 

Don’t forget to ask your VoIP phone providers if advanced calling features and 000 calling features are enabled. Consider the essential features for your business, like conference calling and international calls. Ask your VoIP service provider if they can accommodate these needs and negotiate with them to make sure you have all bases covered. It’s negotiable with some providers!

What Services Are Included versus Fee-Based Add-Ons?

Some service providers have various VoIP plan offers that may or may not cost you extra fees. There are always some advanced features and services that will incur additional costs, so be sure to ask what is included in the contract and what might come out of your pocket.

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How Do Other Subscribers Perceive the VoIP Business Telephone Provider?

Providers with a large number of subscribers are usually trustworthy. The current customers see these providers as a reliable and secure providers in the VoIP industry, which is why they have such an expansive user base.

Another thing you can look at to determine the provider’s quality of service is whether or not big brands trust them for their communications needs. These companies don’t just sign contracts with any company that approached them-they to take time evaluating who will be best suited for the job; this means your business should too!

Final Thoughts

VoIP telephone system is a great way to make your business more productive, but don’t sign up without proper research. You need to find out what features are offered by VoIP providers and compare prices between them; only then can you choose something that best suits your needs–and wallet! A good service provider will integrate all of our company’s tools seamlessly, not just offering high-quality phone services.


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