What Are VoIP Phones?

VoIP phone service is the perfect solution for any business looking for ways to reduce expenses while still maintaining high-quality communication. VoIP services can save your business more than 50% on your monthly phone bill without sacrificing call quality or features.

A VoIP phone uses an internet connection rather than a traditional phone line, with several advantages. VoIP can reduce your telco expenditure by more than half, as it does not require any additional hardware or equipment and thus saves money on capital expenditure. With the ability to easily scale, there is no need to purchase expensive hardware or waste space on additional phone lines.

Types Of Business Who Can Use VoIP Phones

Our small business VoIP phone system is affordable, scalable, and packed with features that you can customise to fit your needs.
We have a wide variety of features to choose from, so you can create the perfect phone system for your home and family.
Our VoIP phone system is scalable, so you can add or remove users as needed. Plus, our flexible plans let you choose the best features for your remote workers.
Our system is flexible and ideal for remote workers, and our local support team ensures you receive the highest level of customer service. Plus, our state-of-the-art cyber security protects your business data at all times.
Our service is perfect for remote teams, as it’s easy to set up and costs less than traditional phone systems. Our service ensures your team stays connected and productive, even when working from home.

Our Most Popular VoIP Phone Systems in Perth

My FoneTel has covered you. We offer a VoIP phone system also called Cloud Phone Systems that is both reliable and affordable.
Plus, we are here to help you every step of the way including set up and on going maintenance.

c3x prev ui

3CX Phone Systems

grandstream prev ui

Grandstream VoIP Phones

fanvil x5u hero

Fanvil VoIP Phones


Yealink VoIP Phones

The Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems

A VoIP phone uses an internet connection rather than a traditional phone line, with
several advantages, you can use it anywhere as long as you have internet. 

Reduced Cost

VoIP can reduce your phone bill by more than half, as it does not require any additional hardware or equipment and thus saves money on capital expenditure. Many people are also migrating away from on premise phone systems due to their high price tag and complex set up.

Increased Accessibility

Softphone applications allow you to take your business phone with ease, no matter where that may be! With increased accessibility comes many benefits, including improved productivity due largely to being able to access work anywhere at any time, perfect for those working remotely.


VoIP technology offers a cost-effective and scalable solution to your business needs. With the ability to easily scale, there is no need to purchase expensive hardware or waste space on additional phone lines.

Better Voice Quality

With the advancement in technology, VoIP calls have become louder and clearer. They also don’t drop as they used to, because of SIP Voice technology.

Business Mobile Apps or Softphone for remote worker

Business apps called softphone for your PC / Laptop / iPAD / Android / iOS Apple Mobile Apps are great for managing your remote worker or on road staff or even when internet goes down works perfect. They also make it easier to be in connect with customer anytime anywhere in the world.  Even for business who wants affordable phone systems features. 

Why Perth Businesses Choose My FoneTel

Technology is changing so rapidly that you may need to replace your old phone system if it has
outlived its usefulness. If this sounds like something you are interested in, take a look at the
award-winning open standard Windows-based IP PBX 3CX Phone System!
Secure Network
We take security very seriously. We employ the most advanced security protocols to ensure your communication and information remain private and secure.
Solutions that Scale with Your Team
We tailor our business telephone systems to meet your changing needs. From your admin portal, you can manage your phone numbers, users, calling features, and locations.
Local Support Team
We are local, and we share the same time zone. We can provide you with support in real-time since we have the same business hours.
Reliable Connection
The reliability of our connections is one of our strongest assets. If, by chance, we encounter an outage, we will be able to resolve the problem before you are even aware of it.
Over 50 Years Experience in The Telco Industry
With the industry’s development and growth, we have grown and developed along with it.

Don't Just
Take Our Word For It

Check out to what our clients have to say about making us their Telco partner. At My FoneTel, we embrace better, and we’re at our proudest when we help other companies and organizations embrace better, too.

Been using My FoneTel for about 10 months. Easy and friendly setup, quick and helpful support when needed.

Would 100% recommend.

Matthew Blagden
Prolecko Electrical Services

Exceptional service with softphone for our whole team and integrating online website chat with our phone apps made super simpler and more productive for business.

Tony Tanzio
Medical Services

We changed to My Fonetel 3 months ago for business use at five retail locations. They installed a new phone system including mobile applications which provides great flexability and options within the system. We also opted for professional on-hold advertising and music which is a plus for any business. The change over was smooth and extremely cost effective to what we were currently paying. Mayur and his team were fantastic and we greatly appreciate the customer service they provided. Thank you!

Katrina Rodgers
The Watershed Water Systems

When Mayur and Miki approached us, we had been having all sorts of issues with our user unfriendly phone system, Telstra, along with our extortionate phone bills. We were impressed with their knowledge, communication, flexibility and understanding. We now have a new 3CX phone system that was installed quickly, we can happily use and our bills are negligible. My FoneTel support has been phenomenal before, during and after installation. Thank you so much

Leisa Thomson
T.T. Auto Services Canningvale

Frequently Asked Questions About VoIP Phones

Yes, you can bring your existing number over to the new VoIP phone systems. However, certain limitations apply. Changing your area code as a result of moving may prevent you from porting your number.

This service is not always offered for free. Some VoIP providers charge a fee for number portability. It may entail an additional cost as either a one-time or a monthly fee as long as you retain the ported number. If you are interested in number portability, speak with us, and we can strategise and plan your budget accordingly.

A porting fee is not the only restriction associated with the process. You may not be able to use certain features of the new service. This is especially true for features linked to their numbers, which are often offered for free when a new service is introduced. 

Many people are able to avoid this restriction by purchasing a second line with their ported number. As a result, you will have all the features of the new service while still being able to use your old line.

Small businesses tend to move to VoIP because of its lower cost. Because VoIP solutions can grow with a business, they are ideal for small businesses. You can easily add or reduce the number of lines on any VoIP business phone system and be charged accordingly. VoIP calls are also significantly less expensive, regardless of whether they are international calls or made within the boundaries of Western Australia. 

In addition, VoIP technology is backwards compatible, allowing old analogue desk phones to be connected to the system as well. If a device is directly connected to the Internet via an ATA or mobile network, it can also be connected to your telephone system. You can then be reached regardless of where you are or what you are doing at any time through your company telephone number. 

Lastly, because many small businesses lack a dedicated IT department, VoIP is an ideal solution. When using Cloud PBX, the maintenance is almost entirely handled by your VoIP service provider. Your only responsibility is to update your router regularly.

VoIP uses packet switching technology to convert analogue voice signals into digital data. Essentially, sound waves (i.e., your voice) are converted into digital data, enabling people to make phone calls over the Internet.

Many VoIP providers offer features such as having an auto-attendant, voice to email, automatic call forwarding, and three-digit dialling. These are features that cannot be found on landline phones.

In an organisation with multiple office locations, mobile devices, and the cloud, VoIP is the only way to take advantage of these advanced features.

VoIP has some security concerns since it is conducted over the Internet and not via traditional phone lines. Using VoIP internally is as secure as using traditional phone lines, provided that the IT infrastructure is secure. As the calls are made inside an internal system, external hackers cannot easily intercept the data. In contrast, calls made outside the internal infrastructure are vulnerable.

While VoIP and internet service providers may offer security policies, it is best to avoid putting your business network at risk.

Keep your business communication systems safe with an additional layer of security:

  • Encrypt the data using numerous methods to protect it against hackers and other malicious attacks.
  • Discourage staff from saving their passwords or passphrases on their devices.
  • Set up a VPN connection for remote teams that operate outside the office.
    Deactivate inactive employees’ unused
  • VoIP accounts.
    Educate staff on online security risks and teach them what phishing is so they know when someone might be trying to scam them into giving up personal information.
  • Ask your team if they have been experiencing any strange occurrences, such as missing voicemails or ghost calls.

It is estimated that the data consumption of VoIP calls ranges between 0.5 and 1.3 megabytes (MB) per minute. Depending upon the technology employed by the VoIP provider and the usage habits of the users, this number varies. 

Other things could affect the quality, like how much bandwidth your broadband internet connection has and how many VoIP features are used.

VoIP transforms audio signals from a phone call into digital data that can then be transmitted over the Internet via a computer. To use the NBN network for making and receiving VoIP calls, two types of VoIP services must be used: UNI-V or Fibre Phone VoIP Services and UNI-D VoIP Services.

Voice over IP, also known as VoIP, is a group of technologies that allow voice communications to be sent over the Internet. Session Initiation Protocol, or SIP for short, is a set of protocols that can be used to set up and take down online video calls over the Internet and send multimedia messages over the Internet using a PC or mobile device.

In a nutshell, VoIP is what you use to make calls, and SIP is what VoIP uses to make those calls possible.

A VoIP connection uses the Internet to establish a connection, while a PSTN connection uses a traditional landline. When it comes to connectivity, VoIP and PSTN both have their pros and cons. As long as you have an Internet connection, 

VoIP technology enables you to make a call anytime and anywhere. Alternatively, you can only connect to a PSTN system when you have an active landline.

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