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How VoIP Helps Your Business grow

By using a VoIP phone system, you will no longer have to lose the ability to make important calls or fail to forward essential documents. If you do not answer the telephone, the call will be forwarded to another or even a third device, such as a smartphone or laptop. 

These features include instant messaging, teleconferencing, presence information, video conferencing, and receiving faxes and voicemails via email. VoIP phone systems are more affordable and reduce costs since they use your existing internet connection to make telephone calls. 

VoIP systems allow you to add or remove phone lines (also known as call paths) as frequently as needed. Through VoIP, your business can also manage these voice services remotely from your office via the internet.

The Features of VoIP

Auto Attendant

Automated attendants are probably the most recognisable and essential of the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business phone features. This feature allows incoming calls to be routed to the appropriate extension without the assistance of a receptionist or attendant.

Caller ID

Knowing who is contacting you can help you prepare mentally and adopt the appropriate tone of voice more quickly. The fact that you know who is calling can help you avoid unwanted calls.

Call Holding

Many companies, no matter how large or small, can’t live without the ability to hold a call. However, on average, 60 percent of customers will hang up after a minute. Adding on-hold features, such as on-hold messaging or music, will help you get the most out of call holding.

Call Queuing

Queuing places inbound callers in designated queues rather than sending them to a specific line and instructing them to wait. By doing so, agents will be notified of how many calls there are and the estimated wait time for each. As a result, calls are quickly organised and routed to the appropriate agent.

Messages and Music on Hold

Today, many companies are using messages and music on hold during these calls in order to keep their customers engaged. Messages like these can provide valuable information, like news about company developments or announcements about new products and services.

Custom Ringback

Custom ringbacks refer to what your inbound callers will hear while waiting to speak with someone. It may consist of a series of messages accompanied by a unique jingle. According to one study, memorable jingles have a direct impact on consumers’ decisions to purchase products and services.

Hot Desking

When used as a VoIP tool, hot desking enables employees to log in seamlessly and have their accounts accessible from any device connected to the system. Hot desking is an extremely useful feature when you have receptionists who work at different hours and use the same desks or stations.

Call Flipping or Pulling

You can move an ongoing call from one device to another. You can use this feature, for example, if you’re talking to someone on a computer and want to continue the call on your mobile device.

Conferencing Tools

It’s no longer just a vanity feature to be able to communicate with team members across the globe. More and more people in the workforce are seeking remote jobs. With VoIP phone tools, you can hold conferences with both in-person and remote employees.

Call Monitoring

There is a chance that you will hear a message that says your call is being monitored for quality assurance. Monitoring enables management to listen in on phone conversations to ensure agents follow procedures and provide the best possible customer service.

Call Barging

Managers can monitor employees to see how interactions are going and react quickly to customer feedback. They can also provide on-the-fly guidance to team members.


You now have a written record of the entire conversation rather than straining to remember what someone said on a telephone call. The transcript can also be used to take notes on meetings or provide evidence of the words exchanged between a customer and a service representative.

Call Analytics

Call analytics: using AI to track calls and extract data from VoIP business phone systems using call tracking. This information is used by sales and marketing teams to improve customer experience and guide marketing and sales efforts. Furthermore, it can improve the outcomes for both prospects and customers.

Speed Dial

With this VoIP feature, your business can easily reach customers, vendors, other departments, and anyone else you need to contact without spending valuable time searching through emails and documents for their numbers.

Call Forwarding

Using call forwarding, you can forward incoming calls to any number of your choice. With this VoIP feature, you can be reached via smartphone and from various internet-connected devices. Several international companies even forward their calls to local numbers, which helps customers feel closer to the brand.

Digital Faxing

Businesses can use VoIP services to send and receive faxed information online. In some instances, it is possible to send faxed documents directly to your company email address.

Call Recording

When you listen to a recorded conversation, you can make inferences from the tone of the voice and the length of pauses that are difficult to infer from a transcription.

Live Chat

Live chat is gaining popularity among businesses as an alternative to voice mail. This service helps customers feel appreciated and heard.

Automatic Call Distribution

An automatic call distribution system (ACD) is used by companies with large volumes of incoming calls to distribute them to individual agents or specific groups of agents.

Business Text Messaging

You can use this functionality to send text messages to your customers’ mobile phones directly from your provider application.

Busy Call Forwarding

The busy call forwarding feature automatically sends your calls to another representative when your line is busy.

Call Takeover

It is possible for supervisors to directly take over a call if an agent is having difficulty meeting the caller’s needs.

Campaign Performance Analytics

You can use these analytics to understand performance for a particular campaign or number across a particular period of time.

Cloned Lines

You can plug multiple phones into a device, and a single inbound number will be used, meaning fewer numbers are needed.

Enhanced Mobility via Apps

With VoIP mobile phone apps, you can take your conversations on the go and assist your customers wherever they may be.

Free Intra-Company Calling

The organisation can reach other endpoints with just an extension rather than a full number. It is simply a matter of dialing a two-or three-digit number in order to reach another desk within the organisation.

IVR Systems

Customers can navigate through your services using an interactive voice response system (IVR). Self-service features such as bill pay and survey administration are available to reduce unnecessary agent involvement.

Number Porting

With number porting, you can take your old phone numbers with you to your new VoIP provider when changing carriers. Depending on the previous carrier, the waiting period may only take a few days or several weeks.

Third-Party Integration

Third-party software is integrated into your provider’s system to enhance its features. For example, a CRM integration that lets you call directly from your dashboard and access your CRM contacts.

Toll-Free Number

Your customers will not incur any charges for calling you on this type of number.

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