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Change the Way You Make Calls with Grandstream Phone system

Traditional phone systems are expensive and complicated to instal and use.

A traditional phone system can be very expensive, often costing thousands of dollars to purchase and instal. They can also be difficult to use, requiring special training or certification.

My FoneTel VoIP Grandstream Phone System is a cost-effective, easy-to-use alternative to traditional phone systems. Our phones connect to your computer network using a simple program or internet protocol, and connecting with other VoIP phones is easy and straightforward.

Grandstream Phone System Packages

The cost of a Grandstream phone system depends on the choice of package, so it’s essential to choose the one that best suits your communication needs.
3-5 Handsets
Grandstream Phone System

$ 60-100
/ month

5-15 Handsets
Grandstream Phone System

$ 100-300
/ month

20+ Handsets
Grandstream Phone System

$ 500
/ month

Why Choose My FoneTel for
Your Grandstream Phone System

Secure network
We take security very seriously. We employ the most advanced security protocols to ensure your Grandstream phone system remains private and secure.
Solutions that scale with your team
We tailor our Grandstream phone system to meet your changing needs. From your admin portal, you can manage your phone numbers, users, calling features, and locations.
Local support team.
We are local, and we share the same time zone. We can provide you with support in real-time since we have the same business hours.
Reliable connection
The reliability of our connections is one of our strongest assets. If we encounter an outage by chance, we will be able to resolve the problem before you are even aware of it.
Over 50 years of experience in the telco industry.
With the industry’s development and growth, we have grown and developed along with the Grandstream Phone system.

Benefits of Grandstream Phone System

There are different models from which you can choose.

The Grandstream IP Phone is ideal for small, medium, and large organisations. Small organisations can get basic phones, while large organisations get both basic and full-featured executive phones. Different devices can be used for different management levels.

Easy installation and maintenance.

Grandsteam phones are easy to instal and easy to use, regardless of the model or features. This is because installation does not require a physical location or establishing a connection with the service provider. A simple computer program or internet protocol is enough to make these phones connect and work with your organisational computer system. Connecting with other VoIP phones is also done quickly and with no complications, as witnessed in other PBX phones.


When it comes to price, the Grandstream phone system is relatively affordable. Unlike typical IP phones, thanks to the network protocol compliance feature, you simply need to create a connection between the phone system and your organisation’s computer network. This implies that all calls, texting, faxing, and emailing will be free of charge. This becomes one technique for the company to save money.

Frequently Asked Questions About
Grandstream Phone System

We offer high-quality IP phones for users who are frequently on the phone and require advanced features, line support, and usability options. Using Grandstream, you can get more done, handle more calls, and stay in touch with more people.
With Grandstream’s UCM IP PBXs, you can achieve a powerful and easy-to-manage voice, video, data, and mobility communications platform. The IP PBXs from the UCM series provide a comprehensive set of unified communication features in an easy-to-manage on-premises solution with no licencing fees, maintenance fees, or costs per feature. UCMs are available for small and medium businesses as well as small and medium enterprises.

Grandstream is one of the most popular IP phones on the market that uses VoIP. Grandstream uses this to make telephone calls through your broadband connection. Grandstream converts analogue voice signals to digital signals and sends them as data over the internet.

 Many businesses use Grandstream systems because they are extremely reliable and produce high-quality call clarity. When using Grandstream, you will have access to many features such as caller ID, call waiting, voicemail, 3-way calling, and more. 

Grandstream also offers a wide variety of accessories to enhance your experience with their products. If you are looking for a top-quality IP phone that uses VoIP, Grandstream is a perfect choice.

Grandstream designed their VoIP phones to work with most of today’s VoIP PBX systems on the market today. Each phone is packed with features, including compatibility with the SIP protocol. The phone can be used at every level of your organisation, from the standard user all the way up to the CEO.

This phone system features superior sound quality and is extremely cost-effective for businesses seeking a new phone system. There is something for everyone here, whether you are looking for a basic phone or one with lots of bells and whistles.

Although Grandstream VoIP phones are reasonably user-friendly, there are many tricks to make those mundane actions of transferring a call easier. All Grandstream units will come with a user manual, and our staff will walk you through the wide range of features that your Grandsteam phone system will have. 

My FoneTel will let you in on trade secrets regarding device management and device configuration and will give you all the technical support you would need in the mass deployment of these communication technologies in your business.

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