Why is VoIP the best option for a work from home setup?

You need a reliable, professional phone system for your remote office, but you don’t want to spend the money on a physical phone line.

Setting up a remote office can be difficult, especially when getting a phone system up and running. You need to make sure that you have a secure connection and that your employees can stay connected regardless of their location.

My FoneTel VoIP is the perfect solution for any business looking for a remote office phone system. With our easy-to-use dashboard, you can control your entire setup with just a few clicks. Plus, our VoIP service is incredibly secure and always available no matter where you are in the world.

Why Choose My FoneTel for
VoIP for Work from Home Setup

Secure network
We take security very seriously. We employ the most advanced security protocols to ensure your VoIP for Work from Home setup remains private and secure.
Solutions that scale with your team
We tailor our VoIP for Work from Home setup to meet your changing needs. From your admin portal, you can manage your phone numbers, users, calling features, and locations.
Local support team.
We are local, and we share the same time zone. We can provide you with support in real-time since we have the same business hours.
Reliable connection
The reliability of our connections is one of our strongest assets. If we encounter an outage by chance, we will be able to resolve the problem before you are even aware of it.
Over 50 years of experience in the telco industry.
With the industry’s development and growth, we have grown and developed along with the VoIP for Work from Home setup.

Our Process To Help Your
Business Succeed

Request an Appointment
We know that sometimes you’re juggling work and other commitments, so we offer flexible appointment times. You can either visit us in person at our office in South Perth or book an appointment online to schedule our consulting team to visit your business.
After booking your appointment, our experienced staff will discuss where you are right now and how we can help move forward with some of the challenges holding back progress.
Presentation Of Solution
Once we understand the challenges you are currently facing, our technical staff will formulate and present the best possible business solutions to improve your business.

Benefits of VoIP for Work from Home Setup

Create scalable, fast phone systems

VoIP allows you to scale your phone system as often as you need. Because the phone system is based on the cloud and not on clunky hardware, you can add and remove users with the click of a button. With one rate per user, it’s easy to scale up or down with VoIP.

Enable location-independent work

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) allows you to easily set up a remote office phone system. As long as they have internet access, VoIP means your team can answer video chats, voice-to-text emails, and more. It’s a truly location-independent business that keeps your team connected, no matter what.

Integrate with your CRM

Your customer relationship management (CRM) application includes a treasure trove of customer data. Rather than letting that information go to waste, you can use VoIP to minimise human mistakes and enhance the client experience.

 Each time VoIP connects to your CRM, it provides your staff with additional context for each phone contact. They may view each customer’s requirements, call history, and subscription status before speaking with your staff. The technology will even dial directly from the CRM, eliminating the possibility of dialling the incorrect number.

Support managers with business intelligence

VoIP gathers critical data and consolidates it into one location for evaluation by your senior team. Rather than relying on your management team to make personnel, expenditure, and other essential choices, a VoIP system gives crucial data that enables more informed decision-making. 

Are you interested in running a data-driven business? VoIP gathers critical data and consolidates it into one location for evaluation by your senior team. Rather than relying on your management team to make personnel, expenditure, and other essential choices, a VoIP system gives crucial data that enables more informed decision-making.

Monitor Your Remote Office Phone System Metrics

A VoIP system logs calls and provides you with data for simple analysis. My FoneTel is a secure VoIP dashboard that enables you to maintain complete control over your configuration. Utilise VoIP data like as missed calls and call volume to demonstrate that your team is taking care of business.

Frequently Asked Questions About
VoIP for Work from Home Setup

VoIP services operate anywhere and on any device with an internet connection, allowing workers to work from home or at work. Unlike traditional landline phone service, which binds employees to their desks when they need to make or receive business calls, this new service does not. 

VoIP enables the setup of devices at home for a range of digital devices, but it may also be accomplished using a normal phone. To set up VoIP at home using an existing device, all you need is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer and an Internet connection.

Test your network and internet connection.

Concerned about how much bandwidth VoIP consumes? Expect around 100 kbps upload and download per line.

Most ISPs provide gigabit speeds with commercial subscriptions. So your present connection is probably fast enough for VoIP. However, certain residential connections, like DSL, offer substantially slower upload speeds.

Aside from speed, concerns affecting VoIP call quality frequently relate to connection instability. Examine jitter and packet loss. Fibre or cable internet connections are prefered.

Also, network hardware might cause bottlenecks. If your router or network can’t manage high traffic, you may hear choppy audio or lose calls. A wired connection is usually better than WiFi.

Invest In The Right VoIP Hardware

If you already have a VoIP provider, the next step in setting up your VoIP system is to purchase VoIP gear. Due to the fact that VoIP has become the norm for organisations in recent years, there are a plethora of cutting-edge solutions. The video below provides an overview of the various pieces of equipment required to get your VoIP system up and running.

How to Get a Business Phone Number

Depending on your VoIP provider, each VoIP package that you purchase may contain a local phone number.

You may obtain a phone number for your business in a variety of methods. If you already have one, you can transfer it. Otherwise, you can choose an available local number or a toll-free number.

Set Up Your VoIP Phone System

After selecting a provider and purchasing hardware, it’s time to execute the installation at your business. The particular processes vary according to the hardware and staff count.

We sell plug-and-play phones and devices. Additional procedures may be necessary if you use other carriers or acquire phones from a third party.

To make VoIP calls on a mobile device, you need an Internet connection and a service provider account. If your company already has hosted VoIP, each user will have their own account. Some providers have dedicated mobile applications for certain platforms, while others allow you to use whatever app you like. After installing the app on your phone, all you need to do is enter your login and password.

Managing the Internet connection is more difficult. Ethernet cables provide the most reliable data connection. While this works well for desk phones, tethering a mobile phone is not ideal. Telecommuters and stay-at-home employees can use WiFi to make calls. Call quality on WiFi is adequate for business calls. WiFi is a great alternative for mobile VoIP calling as long as there are no network bottlenecks (extra traffic, obsolete routers, etc.).

If you’re connecting your phone to your router, you’re probably familiar with its purpose. An IP phone is a gadget that connects to your network and transmits your voice signal as a digital signal via the Internet. 

Connecting your router and phone takes only a few minutes. Most VoIP phones support pass-through Ethernet. This allows you to connect another device, such as a computer, to your phone, using only one port on your network to connect two devices simultaneously.

For a VoIP phone system to work, you have to have a modem and router, which are part of your existing internet setup. All devices with your call software downloaded can be used to make calls. These devices may be smartphones, laptops, or desktop computers. It is also possible to use a VoIP phone to make calls.

Your workers may make calls from any device or VoIP phone, enabling your remote teams to remain productive and connected regardless of where they are.

As long as your organisation already has a high-quality internet connection, you don’t need to invest much in telephony equipment to get started with a VoIP phone system.

Virtual phones, also known as VoIP software, allow you to make and receive calls without a physical phone. Most VoIP providers offer virtual phone software that you can run on your computer or mobile device. 

Virtual phones are easy to set up and use, and they come with all the features of a traditional phone, such as caller ID, call waiting, voicemail, and more. Virtual phones are a great option for small businesses with remote workers or for those who travel frequently. With a virtual phone, you can take your business with you wherever you go.

Many hosted VoIP providers use multiple data centres, ensuring your VoIP phone system never goes down. Instead, if there is an internet disruption, your service is distributed among the different data centres’ different servers. This structure gives you the ultimate redundancy. The key is to find a provider who uses multiple data centres for redundancy.

And if, for some reason, your company’s building were inaccessible, your hosted VoIP provider would simply reroute all of your calls to cell phones or other offices so that customers would never know there was a problem. The provider should be able to route those calls to different phones depending on the type of call that comes in. These switches can all be done in minutes, not hours or days.

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